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Liven up your corporate events and seminars. Nothing better than a quiz or a blind test to promote team cohesion. A team building activity that your employees will remember for a long time!

Breathe new life into your corporate events and seminars with ZeQuiz, the ideal interactive tool to strengthen team spirit and cohesion within your organization. Discover the power of a quiz or blind test to break the ice, stimulate collaboration and encourage communication between your colleagues. ZeQuiz transforms each team building session into a fun, enriching and unforgettable experience.

Integrating ZeQuiz into your team building workshops means choosing an activity that is out of the ordinary, which stimulates the intellect and which promotes well-being at work. This is the perfect opportunity to get out of the formal framework of meetings and daily routine to offer your colleagues a moment of relaxation, laughter and sharing. Make ZeQuiz the highlight of your corporate events and watch your teams bond, motivate and excel in a friendly and stimulating environment.

How doesit work ?



The organizer prepares the questions that will be proposed to the players. This is an essential step that is made easier by ZeQuiz.

  • Create your own quiz or choose one from the library available on ZeQuiz

  • You can also create your quiz from questions from multiple existing quizzes

  • Create your game by configuring the rules and rounds



ZeQuiz needs to be used with an internet connection. All you have to do is connect to ZeQuiz from a device connected to the location's audio/video system. Several configurations are possible:

  • Connect to a computer connected to the venue's screens/audio system

  • Connect to your phone and pair it with Bluetooth speakers, you can stream the gaming screen via ChromeCast

  • Without a screen available, you can also use ZeQuiz



Once connected and ready to invite players, all you have to do is broadcast the game screen which displays the QR code to join the game!

  • Start a new session on your game

  • Get the game screen URL and display it on venue screens / stream via Chromecast

  • Watch as players join the game. Without a screen, you can display the QRCode on your phone / the game URL for players



Once the players have registered, you can start the game. As the host of the evening, you will have to judge the answers and be able to lead the game in complete peace of mind.

  • Host the quiz from the animation screen on your computer. This is where the music will be played

  • Host the quiz from your phone by displaying the remote control! No need to stay fixed behind a table.

  • Display the scores whenever you want, the answers given or even the statistics of each team.


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