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Organize a live quiz with your community on stream


With ZeQuiz, transform each stream into an interactive and exciting experience. Encourage your spectators to actively participate by immersing them in captivating quizzes and blind tests.

Your live on Youtube, Twitch or elsewhere becomes an unmissable event, where each viewer becomes a potential player. It is the ideal tool to retain your audience, by offering them a fun and original experience.

No software to install, no additional hardware – just you, and your audience galvanized by the spirit of competition and fun that only ZeQuiz can bring. Embark on the adventure and make each stream a unique and memorable moment!

How doesit work ?



You prepare the questions that will be proposed to the community. This is an essential step that is made easier by ZeQuiz. If you ever have moderators, they can be the ones to act as judges! You will be able to play with or against your spectators.

  • You can create your own quiz or choose one from the library available on ZeQuiz

  • You can also create your quiz from questions from multiple existing quizzes

  • Create your game by configuring the rules and rounds


Plug-in & Display

Before starting, you need to make sure that you can retrieve the audio from your browser to broadcast it as a source in OBS / Streamlabs so that your live broadcast can broadcast the music from the questions. Once connected and ready to invite players, all you have to do is stream the game screen which displays the QR code and URL to join the game!

  • Start a new session on your game

  • Retrieve the URL of the game screen and display it in a new window which will be visible on your live stream.

  • Check that your animation window is the audio source of your live

  • Watch as players join the game.



Once the players have registered, you can start the game. As the host of the evening, you will have to judge the answers and be able to lead the game in complete peace of mind.

  • You have control over the evening: you decide the pace to progress through the questions

  • You only have to validate the answers that are not automatically recognized as good or bad.

  • Display the scores whenever you want, the answers given or even the statistics of each team.


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